Friday, August 27, 2010

Last night in town.

It's been quite a week. Lots of mixed emotions, lots of packing, lost of thinking, "I can probably live without that...". Tonight I had the honor to have one last jam session with Eric and Ryan. We played all Lions and Tygers songs as well as some Ashes Ashes and Michael Jackson, just for old time sake. Well that's it. Everything is packed. I keep thinking of people that I may be "leaving behind", but they are all very strong people and it's egotistical to think it's up to me to hold them together. Pretty sure they can handle it. Moving away from a lot of people that I love very much. My family, my dogs, my amazing friends, my enemies, my piano, and my queen size bed. This will be quite a journey. All I can do is trust in God and always do the best I can for the very best reason.

There is only an audience of one, after all.

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