Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Azusa Pacific's Music Boot Camp

Today marks exactly a month of being at school. I must say it is all I hoped for it to be and then some.

First of all let me just say it, the Giants are doin' work back home, so that's that.

Everyday is a full day of work for me. Most kids have 4-5 classes total here, I have 12. I'm pretty much busy everyday from 8-5 roughly. But while it is challenging I absolutely love it. I immerse myself in music all day long. And when I'm not doing music, I'm reading the bible for my only non-music class. What more could I ask for?

There are some wonderful musicians and wonderful people here. Divas are not put up with. Everyone will be humbled at some point here, no matter who you are. I sat down for a bass lesson yesterday and realized I didn't know very very basic stuff. I felt rather silly.

But on a more important note, the spirit of God is in this place. The last two chapels have featured Lincoln Brewster and Francis Chen. Everyday I learn something, big or small.

Yesterday Francis talked about the characters in the Bible who did great things. Elijah did great things. But Elijah was a man. Just like us. He is not above us. He is equal to us. Who are we to say God can't do great things through us?

I've been writing music. It's been splendid. Whether it's good or not, I love doing it.

This weekend I'm going home for Breanne and Luke's wedding. I get to see my family, my dogs, my wonderful friends who I miss horribly.

So that's the update.

God be with all of you.

And go to Disneyland when you get the chance. It's wonderful.

-Corey De La Roche Martin

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